About Us


Harnessing the power of more than 10 years in the eCommerce industry, EPassionGear brings its customers top class products at highly affordable prices. Our specialist is quality customization of products; ensuring customers receive exactly what they ordered.

When we developed our tagline, “You Press The Passion, We Do The Rest”, we had the ultimate convenience of our customers in mind. From passion, we mean the ideas our customers are in love with. Whether it is a tattoo you have been admiring or a cat print you want on your shoes, we bring your ideas to life. When we say we do the rest, we make the promise to deliver premium quality in all aspects. From preparing your product, delivering it in your custody, to support beyond the purchase, we offer the highest standards of quality.

What We Do?

We sell a variety of products that have potential to be customized. Our custom printed shoes, tote bags, t-shirts, blankets, pillows, duvet covers, and many more products are highly popular among customers. We make use of quality materials and then print them with your creative ideas. Each stage of the process is completed with precision; ensuring the best standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

We aim to bring customer ideas to life using different everyday products. It is our mission to make people happy about embedding their passions into their daily life.

Our Vision

We envision to expand our services to bring more convenience to the customers. We plan to add more products commonly loved by customers. Offering quality products within affordable price ranges is also one of the prioritized aspects of our business vision.

Our Values

At EPassionGear, it is not just our tagline that we take seriously. We have also designed a set of values that are followed by our business employees from the top down. It is these values that allow us to take pride in how we are making our customers happy.

Quality Assurance

Whether it is the material of the product we are customizing or any other process for that matter, we make no compromise on the quality. We not only just promise high standards of quality to our customers but deliver them as well.

Time Management

Customizing and perfecting the customer ideas definitely take time. However, we never take more time than reasonably required. No order is delayed unless there has been some kind of uncontrollable circumstance. We ensure that customers receive their orders timely and in the best condition.

Customer Support

We believe in being highly accommodating with our customers. From placing a particular order to asking for support after the purchase, we never shy away from helping them. All of our employees, especially those who are directly dealing with customers, are trained to be polite and helpful. We try our level best to solve your problems and put your concerns to rest.

Customer Protection

One of the biggest concerns when buying online I leaving your personal and financial information. At EPassionGear, we ensure that no provided information is misused. We only use the information for what it is needed for. For strengthening the layers of customer privacy and providing a peace of mind, we have partnered with McAfee Secure. All you have to do is click on the McAfee Secure icon on each page or at checkout. This way you can browse the site and buy your favorite product without ever worrying about your personal information leaking into the wrong hands.

Customer Satisfaction

In the eCommerce business, especially one that specializes in customized products, customers are always worried about receiving the exact product they ordered. While it is known that a few differences can be expected given the representation of digital graphics, we promise the maximum similarity to what you see on the website. We have also arranged the best designers to ensure that creative ideas of our customers can be implemented in an effective manner.


EPassionGear not only just offers great quality and low prices. We ensure to sell cost-effective products. Our customers receive the best value for the money they invested in our products. Using quality materials and streamlined customization processes, your products will last longer in their best condition.

Why Buy from EPassionGear?

EPassionGear is a reliable source for buying the best-quality customized products. While we promise that each of our products goes through rigorous standards for quality, we still care about the feedback of our clients. If a customer is not happy with their product, they can return it within 30 days of purchase. The good news is that they receive a full refund as well. Meanwhile, we always investigate such incidents to find out where the error may have occurred. This allows us to constantly improve our business.

An Easy to Use Website

Our EPassionGear website features a highly user-friendly interface. We make it quite easier for our customers to find the product they want. The process of browsing, placing orders, and checking out has been designed to be free of hassle. Our easy to use platform makes fun to browse through the various product and take no time at all to finish ordering your favorite ones. We also stay in touch with our customers to inform them of the status of their order. Once the customer has completed a purchase; meaning it has reached them safely, we welcome them to leave feedback on the specific product and how well they liked our service. We always use feedback to improve our services and it gives potential customers an idea about the varying products.

As of now, EPassionGear is manufacturing from different parts of the world. However, like other big retailers our products are also predominantly manufactured in China and USA. China is our most dominant location out of all. This means that the shipping times from international warehoused may vary according to your location of shipment. It can take up to 3 to 5 weeks. But we always do our best to deliver the products within the time range informed at the time of ordering.

McAfee Secure 

Epassiongear is Certified Secured By McAfee Secure. 

McAfee Offers $100,000 Identity Protection for all Epassiongear customers. Simply Activate by clicking McAfee Secure Icon on Right side bottom of every page or after checkout. 

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